Vacarme 37

automne 2006

Vacarme 37

À nos lectrices et lecteurs

Ce numéro, Vacarme 37 (automne 2006), est désormais archivé et tous ses articles sont accessibles dans leur intégralité. Vacarme aime la gratuité, mais une revue existe grâce à ces abonné·es.


artistes en guerre

hors champ


fragilités et nécessité de l’image documentaire Lire 


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Un portfolio signé Éric Baudelaire, An-My Lê, Sophie Ristelhueber et Gilles Saussier. Lire 

artists at war ?


It is as impossible to recapture the pain and terror of war as it is to truly remember the agony of an infected tooth. Moritz Thomsen, My Two Wars.
We instinctively understand that images are part of war. From paintings of war to the petrified Gorgon’s head on Theseus’s shield, from ancient dramatisations of surrender to Hitlerian propaganda, from Machiavellian ruses to the use of video by terrorist groups, everyone accepts that the essence of any war relies on a rapport between images at (...) Lire 

the documentary exchange


According to geographers, two things describe a city: its natural setting and its place in the interplay of exchanges. Similarly, documentaries define their space at the junction between a location and a link; the landscape they display is weaved from the transactions carried out around of the lens, which senses what is shared and what is not. Documentary ethics are a human geography.
In Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman, a title card serves as a prologue to the story proper: “When acclaiming (...) Lire 

the fresco of icons


Eric Baudelaire photographed the second (or third) Iraq war in Hollywood, on a set used by a number of actual TV productions, with thoughts of Over There in his mind. The work that resulted is both a radical critique and layered apology of those clichés that haunt our souls, our screens and our literature. Let us try to understand how this apology can be thus woven into the critique, to a point where both the images of war and their traditional justifications seem linked in an infinite (...) Lire 

Vacarme 37

Vacarme 37 / automne 2006

Rédaction en chef Fabien Jobard & Mathieu Potte-Bonneville

Parution le 9 octobre 2006 Édition Vacarme

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