Vacarme 24

été 2003

Vacarme 24

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Ce numéro, Vacarme 24 (été 2003), est désormais archivé et tous ses articles sont accessibles dans leur intégralité. Vacarme aime la gratuité, mais une revue existe grâce à ces abonné·es.


Not in my backyard - keeping refugees in camps outside Europe


It was the Guardian that gave the game away early this year (2003) when it revealed the contents of a report to the British Government by senior civil servants at the Home Office on ways of managing the influx of asylum seekers to the United Kingdom. The idea is simple: to make them wait outside the country. Anyone arriving in Britain to claim asylum will be sent to a secure holding centre outside European Union borders until his or her application bas been processed. If asylum is granted, (...) Lire 

Vacarme 24

Vacarme 24 / été 2003

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